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CodaAir® Incubator Units

Keeping the box incubator air clean - the VOC remover

Unique VOC removing filter technology with a proven track record

  • All products are clinically proven for safe and effective use in human ART laboratories
  • Effective air filtration technology to purify VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and pollutants
  • Contain a HEPA filter to remove particulate matter
  • The Coda2 Unit has improved flow, which saves on energy, and is made of 100% recyclable materials
  • FDA cleared, CE certified and manufactured in a clean room facility in the USA
  • Patented technology; ISO 13485 certified

Order Codes

Product Code Product Name Quantity Article Description
C2IU-010 Coda 2 Unit 1 unit Place on top shelf of incubator
GCIU-010 Coda Unit 1 unit Place on top shelf of incubator
GCIF-001 Coda Filters 1 unit Change every 30 days