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G185 Long Term Flat Bed Incubator

Experience the K-SYSTEMS innovative Long Term IVF Incubator for optional environment conditions for embryos. An unique space saving stacking system makes the IVF incubator an attractive alternative to conventional incubators.

More than 1000 installations worldwide

Low gas consumption and low cost operation with integrated CO₂ / N₂ gas mixer

Grade A air quality circulates through HEPA/VOC filter

Temperature stability - 6 separate sensors to control and regulate temperature

Extensive data logging and alarm system

Key Features

  • Ambient humidity: The G185 is an incubator with ambient humidity which strongly minimizes the risk of fungal growth inside the incubator and makes it easier to clean
  • Practical: Includes ten individual incubation chambers to ensure minimal stress and risk of cross contamination for the embryos. Significant space saving
  • Monitoring: Effective heating and gas control system assuring all critical parameters are monitored and controlled to maintain stable pH, heating, gas levels.
  • Superior Filtering and Hygiene: High efficiency particle filter to remove airborne particles. VOC filter to remove organic compounds.
  • Responsive Gas Control: Set the required specifications to mix CO2 and O2. Uses pure CO2 and N2 (Optional)
  • Economical: Low running costs due to low gas consumption and use of pure gas
  • Certified: CE Marked
  • Consistent Heating: Dedicated heating plates with grooves ensure direct heat transfer to the dish

Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 922 x 570 x 165
Weight 38 kg
Temperature range ambient to 20 °C - 42.9 °C
CO₂ / O₂ range 2-10% / 2-20%
Gas consumption (Typically) CO₂ : 1.5 l/h
N₂ : 7 l/h
Recovery time CO₂ < 2 min.
O₂ < 4 min.
Data logger software - alarm functions Yes
Option PH Monitoring Yes, with SensorTech only
Option external CO₂ sensors Yes, with SensorTech only
Option external temp. sensors Yes, with SensorTech only

Order Codes

Part Number Part Description
22200-230 G185ST 230V Optional pH and External Monitoring
22200-110 G185ST 110V Optional pH and External Monitoring
22400-230 G185 Standard 230V
22400-110 G185 Standard 110V
23063-1 Falcon dish inserts
23064-1 Nunc dish inserts
23069 Vitrolife dish inserts
23070 LifeGlobal dish inserts
23061-1 Falcon pH dish inserts for G185ST
23060-1 Nunc pH dish inserts for G185ST
23079 Vitrolife pH dish inserts for G185ST
23080 LifeGlobal pH dish inserts for G210/G185

Order codes for additional features and options

Part Number Part Description
23050-110-O Stacking System 120V for 3 pcs. G210/G185
23050-230-O Stacking System 230V for 3. pcs. G210/G185
11010 F100 Thermometer
11010P1 F100 Thermometer, calibrated with 1 probe
11010P2 F100 Thermometer, calibrated with 2 probes
11006 STS Sensor Temperature sensor for validation
53830 HEPA Inline disc filter for G185/G210
22166 HEPA/VOC Filter for G185/G185ST
K59549 HEPA/VOC filter - CODA® Regfular Inline Purple Filter Assy - w/connectors
CIPR-001 HEPA/VOC filter - CODA® Regular InLine Purple Filter