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Stacking System for G185 and G210

Space saving with the Stacking System for both the G185 and for the G210

The unique Stacking system has capacity for 3 incubators i.e. a total incubator capacity of 30 patients

The stacking system provides:

  • Sliding shelves with soft closure function
  • Built in power outlets
  • Fan for heat removal
  • Tray system for organising tubes and cables

Key Features

  • Soft closure - shelves close soft and silent
  • Internally ventilated
  • Lockable doors
  • Tubes and cable systems
  • Internal electrical sockets
  • Power outlet for three incubators
  • Up to three incubators per computer
  • Room for the capacity up to 120 culture dishes

Product Specifications

Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 1100x830x1620mm
Weight 100 kg

Order Codes

Order Number Description
23050-110-O Stacking System 120V for 3 pcs. G210/G185
23050-230-O Stacking System 230V for 3. pcs. G210/G185